CarmenJacksonArt Couture Achievements and Awards

"Couture Achievements: Elevating Style to Artistry"
At Carmen Jackson Art Couture, our achievements in couture extend beyond the mere realm of fashion.
From prestigious runway events being nominated into 3 categories in the Indigenous Fashion Awards in Darwin for the Fashion Designer of the year, the Textile Designer of the year and Business Acheivement award, to Indigenous Global Management taking on CarmenJacksonArt on the runway in Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024. CarmenJacksonArt has been invited to Milan Italy by the Italian Consulate in September 2024, to high end fashion showcases planned for the future, Carmen's couture pieces have showcased some of the most coveted stages around the world, garnering acclaim for their exquisite detailing, impeccable tailoring, and timeless allure. Carmen's designs have also captivated audiences with their fusion of tradition and modernity, elegance and edgey designs having a store on Broadway in New York, having my brand being on a billboard in Times Square New York to being invited to open a store in France and Miami for Swimwear. But our achievements go beyond mere recognition. At Carmen Jackson Art Couture, we measure success not just by accolades and applause, but by the moments of joy, confidence, and empowerment that our creations bring to those who wear them. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of high end couture, exploring new horizons of creativity and pushing the limits of what is possible in the world of fashion. With Carmen Jackson Art Couture, style becomes more than just a statement—it becomes a masterpiece waiting to be worn.

Couture Acheivements

Nominated in three categories in the National Indigenous Fashion Awards in the Fashion Designer of the Year, Textile Design and Business Achievement Award 2023. Global Indigenous Management invitation to Melbourne Fashion Festival 2024, Flying Solo New York Store 2023 and New York Billboard 2023. White Milano in Italy in September 2024.